Flattening the stack

The authors of web app frameworks are usually annoyed by having to re-implement the same code over and over again.

They try to address this by removing a layer of the web app stack.

  • Rails removes a lot of configuration and boilerplate code.

  • Blitz.js removes API endpoints and lets you use server code in your templates.

  • Firebase removes the need to think about database, authentication, and server management.

The most powerful frameworks remove as much as possible from the stack, without limiting what you can build.

New tools are coming out every day in the low code space that try to remove as many layers of the stack as possible.

Remake's approach

Remake flattens the stack down to a single layer — HTML. If you love HTML and always thought of it as a programming language, Remake is for you!

Why HTML? HTML hasn't changed in a long time, even though the web has moved forward and dynamic applications have become the norm. Remake thinks HTML needs an update so it's easier to build on.

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