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Build web apps. Fast.

Super-powered HTML for quickly building fast-loading, dynamic, server-rendered web apps that feel modern and are easy to use.

  • Feels like prototyping
  • Easy-to-learn syntax
  • Develop exclusively on the front-end
  • Server-rendered & SEO friendly
  • Perfect for small teams and solo developers

How it works

Creating web applications is hard. You need to install packages, configure your build process, create API endpoints, set up a database, and load in some demo data, and that's all before even getting started!

It can be easier!

Remake makes it possible to build a web app entirely in your front-end code.

It does this by basically converting your page into a database, so when you move elements around on the page, their data is also moved!

Remake also comes with a built in inline edit popover for editing data at the click of a button.

This makes it possible to handle a lot of complicated CRUD operations automatically by adding a single data-* attribute:

  • Attaching data to elements
  • Editing & removing data from the page
  • Moving data around the page
  • Rendering new data into the page

And there's much more!


In the near future, Remake will also have support for:

  • Automatic form handling
  • Image uploads
  • Image cropping and manipulation
  • Sharing data between users
  • Real-time updates

To see a fully-customized, production Remake application with image uploading, form submissions, and custom edit popovers, check out RequestCreative.

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