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A Simple, Working Todo List App:

<div data-o-type="object">
  <ul data-o-key="todos" data-o-type="list">
    {{#for todo in todos}}
      >{{default todo.text "New todo item"}}</li>
  <button data-i-new="todo">Add Todo</button>

This is a fully-functional application in Remake, with support for:

  • Adding new items to a list
  • Editing the text of each item
  • Removing an item
  • Sharing your todo list with a friend (by sharing its url)
  • Signing up for your own account to create your own todos

It's possible to create a fully-functional app like this, with so little code, because Remake treats each HTML element like an interactive and dynamic box of data — and not just a static element responsible for layout.


Line by line, this is what this code does:

  1. All of the data on this page will be wrapped in an object

  2. The list of todos will be inside of a list (i.e. array) under a key named todos

  3. Render all the existing todos using a #for loop (when the page first loads, no todos will be rendered because none have been created yet)

  4. Start an li list item element

  5. Each todo element will represent an object

  6. The key "text" that this element exports will be set to the current text of this element

  7. Clicking on this todo element will trigger an editable popover

  8. Render the current todo's text key

  9. End the #for loop

  10. Close the ul

  11. Clicking this "Add Todo" button will render a new "todo" item at the end of the list. Remake knows what a todo template looks like based on the #for loop, which references "todo" in its for ... in statement. Remake will, by default, render this template into the nearest data-o-type="list"

  12. Close the parent div

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