Host on Remake's servers

To deploy an app to Remake's servers, you need a paid account.

After you sign up for a paid account through the Remake website, you can run the following command in your Remake app's directory:

npx remake deploy

When you deploy, use the same email for your account that you used when creating your paid account.

🎉 Your app will be instantly deployed to our servers!

Host on your own server

Remake is an open-source Node.js app with a file-based database, so it's easy to deploy yourself!

A deployment guide: Remake does need any kind of advanced setup or dependencies. You can follow a simple guide like this one to deploy it.

Why host Remake yourself? Remake's built-in deployment and hosting doesn't support modifying backend code. So, if you modify the backend, you need to host Remake yourself.

The only requirement: Your server must have persistent storage

What kind of web host do you need?

  • We recommend using a VPS (virtual private server) like Digital Ocean, Vultr, or Linode that supports persistent storage — as well as backing up your server remotely every day.
  • If your server wipes out your disk on every deploy (like a lot of Docker-based hosts do), all your users' data will disappear. This is because Remake uses a file-based database and stores user data on disk.

Now you can modify backend code!

When you host Remake yourself, you can modify the backend code however you want

  • You can call remote APIs from the server-side and add their data to your app
  • You can hack Remake to add features it doesn't have yet (e.g. commenting or collaboration)
  • You can add your own custom backend, changing Remake's default auth or storage to one you built

A few tips:

  • When modifying Remake server code, you can safely ignore any references to appName and any if (RemakeStore.isMultiTenant()) statements (as well as anything inside) them — these are for the Remake's official hosting service that hosts multiple apps on the same server and this code isn't relevant for single apps
  • If you do host Remake yourself, check out this blog post that guides you through modifying Remake's server code and adding your own custom data
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