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Introducing Remake

Welcome to the first step in the Remake tutorial!

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to build a fully-functional Kanban application (similar to Trello) in about 30 minutes.

Follow along in the videos!

What makes Remake Different

Remake takes a much different approach than a lot of other frameworks.

  1. Remake doesn't separate the data of your app from the view layer of your app. This makes it much easier for you to see exactly what you app is doing and how from a single location: your HTML templates.
  2. Remake treats HTML elements on the page just like objects in a database. It's able to automatically extract data from your elements into a big, nested object, using the page's DOM hierarchy to determine the data's hierachy.
  3. Remake has smart routing and data saving capabilities built in, allowing you to build new pages in your application — or save elements to specific areas in your data — without really thinking.

Also, because it's built on top a traditional, server-rendered architecture, the front-end Remake library that handles editing and saving data isn't required if the page isn't editable — leaving your pages lightweight for most users!

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