Introducing Remake

Let's build a Trello clone!

We're going to build a simple, but fully-functional Trello clone in about 30 minutes.

Introducing Remake

Remake takes a simpler approach to web development.

  1. You only have to learn 9 new HTML attributes to build a full application
  2. You only need to know HTML and JSON
  3. You retain complete control over your front-end design
  4. User accounts, inline edit popovers, and persistent data are taken care of!

How Remake is different

  1. Most frameworks store data separately from your templates. Remake merges them. We call this "flattening-the-stack"
  2. Remake is able to convert deeply nested HTML into deeply nested JSON (and then automatically sync it with the backend)
  3. Remake treats your HTML as your app's source of truth. But it remains powerful with flexible routing and advanced data saving.

Fun facts:

  • Remake is SEO-friendly because it's server rendered.

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