Temporary Data

Remake uses custom attributes to store data and add web app behavior.

You can use these attributes in the same way you use Remake's key: attributes — but instead of storing data from the page into your database, these temporary attributes store temporary page state (e.g. the state of a modal, accordion, or sidebar).

Browse the Remake Recipes for some amazing, step-by-step examples of how Remake works (or see the TLDR overview of all attributes).


This attribute behaves exactly the same as its counterpart, key:some-example-key, with two exceptions:

  1. When the value of a temporary:key: attribute changes, a save event isn't triggered
  2. The key and value of a temporary:key: attribute is invisible to the save function (their data simply isn't saved)

It's very useful for attaching temporary state to the page (e.g. toggling menus, sidebars, or tabs)

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