Getting Started

⚡️ 1. Create an app

You'll need to install Node.js and Git first. Then use the following command on the command line to generate your first Remake app:

npx remake create my-app
If you're unfamiliar with the command line, start with this command line tutorial.

You'll be able to choose between:

  • The default app (blank, empty app)
  • The kanban starter app (recommended)
  • The reading list sharing app
  • The resume/cv builder app

🚀 2. Start the local server

cd my-app
npm run dev

📺 3. View your running app

Go to http://localhost:3000 in your browser to view the example app.

🎨 4. Edit your app

All of the code for your Remake app is in the app/ directory.

Start with the file app/pages/app-index.hbs (that's where all the app code lives)

Learn how to create an app from the step-by-step tutorial.

🌏 5. Deploy your app

npx remake deploy

Now anyone will be able to sign up for an account and use your app!

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